Nutty Putty Cave


It is important to keep a log of the visitors to the cave and one of the ways we do this is to have a cave register inside the cave. This is the latest incarnation.

The 19” long x 5” round PVC pipe register is located just inside the gate in the first larger room. Look for the red and white cord that secures it in the cave.

TRIP LEADERS: Please teach your caving group the importance of written cave registers and do not allow them to destroy, beat, bang-up, or otherwise damage the cave register. Please report back via your trip report any issues related to the register.

A “T” bar was added to help screw off and on the threaded cap. There is no need to over-tighten the cap.
Looking inside you will see the waterproof paper register, pens, and several cords to help keep everything together.
The Nutty Putty Cave Register - WARNING: This is NOT a pipe bomb!

Several cave registers have been used inside the Nutty Putty Cave over the years.

The most bizarre event happened in 2005 when the register was moved inside the opening of the cave and kept in a plastic tube. The Sherriff’s Department received the call stating that a possible pipe bomb was identified inside the cave. The bomb squad was being called out, when a call was finally made to a local caving leader who works with the Search & Rescue who immediately recognized that this was the cave register and NOT a pipe bonmb. What a shame it would have been to have the Bomb Squad blow the entry of the cave due to the cave registry.

Here is the account written by Jon Jasper, the past 2006 Timpanogos Grotto Chair, on March 16, 2009.

Thu Mar 16, 2006 Subject: Registers as Bombs

If you look at the Nutty Putty Cave statistics you can see visitation broken out in 15 minutes intervals. This data was collected using a light sensing datalogger. (SEE VISITATION STATS & DEMOGRAPHICS)

Well, interesting enough, the original approach was a total failure using a very weak light sensor. To make it work the device was placed somewhere that would attract a cavers light - like a cave register with reflective tape. So the light sensor datalogger was built into the top of a tube shaped cave register hanging just inside of the cave.

Apparently a caver sitting in complete darkness near the register could see a small LED light flashing from the register. Hence fancy electronics in a large tube equals a large pipe bomb. The Utah County Bomb Squad was called out to destroy the device, err cave register. Potientially this story could have lead to the end of Nutty Putty Cave; however, someone did think, "maybe its a cave register." The county finally got ahold of Spencer Christian, the closest Utah Cave Rescue member to Nutty Putty Cave. He confirmed that there was a cave register hanging just inside of the entrance.

Now there is an inside joke about being sure to mark the cave registers. Spencer's register in Little Brush read, "Cave register - not a bomb." Nutty Putty register was label as a "Cave Register" across the reflective tape. However, in the constant high warm humidity, the writing easily came off as well as most of the reflective tape.

So later in different light sensing datalogger was used. It was nicely hidden in a clear water-proof contain on a hard-to-reach ledge. The plan was to collect a continuous year of data and then move it to another cave.

However, at last collection of the year, the not-so-free logger was gone. Even though the case was was labeled with my email and phone number, I believe it was ironically removed by scouts thoroughly cleaning the cave.

Anyway the Nutty Putty Cave register has been the most challenging register to maintain. The cave's humidity completely ruined write-in-rain paper after about 2 months. So the register was moved to the surface. However, then the register (a 70-page blank notebook) would fill up in about 2 months. However, when surface register was first placed bets were taken on how long they would last before being vandalized. Most thought that it would be gone within a week to a month. The register was recently taken down by me about amonth ago. It was up for almost three years! Jon Jasper

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