Nutty Putty Cave



As a Cave Management Team, we endorse the requirement that the Trip Leader be certified in both CPR and First Aid. The Nutty Putty Cave is located a long ways away from medical and emergency help and the cavers in the group need to be assured that somebody knows what they are doing if they need help. Trip leaders should also transport a good first aid kit with them in their vehicles to the cave and also have a minimal kit with them inside the cave.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently Red Cross certification for First Aid & CPR is not required unless you are leading a BSA group through the cave. However, we strongly advise all Trip Leaders to seek the appropriate First Aid & CPR training so that you can be a better asset to your group in case of emergency. We also strongly recommend that you have a cell phone so that you can exit the cave and immediately call 911 when emergency help is needed. It is a long way to drive into town for help.

NOTHING BUT UPSIDE - We realize that most cavers are not currently certified in CPR and First Aid, yet imagine if they were. Seeking out and completing this training will only help us become better cavers and trip leaders. And although inconvenient and an investment of both time and money, when you obtain these certifications you will be that much more of an asset to your caving groups on every caving trip that you participate in the future. There is nothing but upside to this requirement.

WHERE DO I GET TRAINED? We spoke with the Wasatch Valley Chapter of the Red Cross about this requirement and they stated that you can register for their classes online at

The appropriate class for Trip Leaders is:

First Aid/CPR/AED Community - It is an 8 hour training and is offered in either two nights or one full Saturday classes.

FIRST AID - Good for 3 years and then a refresher course is needed.

CPR - Good for 1 year and a refresher course is needed.

COURSE FEE: $55 through the Red Cross

BOY SCOUT GROUPS - You have probably noticed that the newer BSA requirements for groups that are swimming, caving, or climbing requires the trip leaders to have the First Aid and CPR certifications and list them on the BSA Tour Permits. Karen Frost from the Boy Scouts of America Orem, Utah office puts on the certification course twice a month for BSA registered leaders for a considerable discount. Karen Frost can be reached by email at The classes are listed in the Health & Safety portion of the Utah National Parks Council website.

Here is the course description:

First Aid/CPR: This course will provide the skills for certification by the American Red Cross as a lay responder. The course includes:

  • Instruction by a certified American Red Cross Instructor in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Instruction by a certified American Red Cross Instructor in First Aid
  • Participant booklet
  • Certification cards

The course fee offered by the Utah National Parks Council for members of the Boy Scouts of America is $20.00 per adult and $15.00 per youth. There is a limit of 10 per class. If you need to have more in a class please contact Karen Frost at 801-437-4409 to arrange a time.

The course is being offered in 2 formats:

  • Format 1 is an all day Saturday class (Bring a bag lunch)
  • Format 2 is a split class that is offered over a 2 day period for 3.5 hours each day.
HELP NEEDED - We are looking for an experienced caver with emergency response training to obtain the Red Cross credential necessary to become a CPR/First Aid certification trainer similar to Karen Frost with the BSA. Then we would like to see at least quarterly trainings put on for grotto members at a similar fee to that of the course offered for BSA leaders. If you are that person, then please contact our Cave Management Team so that we can help advertise the courses.