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From: David Kalana []
Sent: Friday, October 08, 2010 4:15 PM
Subject: Spelunkers searching for Susan Powell

Michael, I saw this article on KSL today that says spelunkers are looking to find where Susan Powell may be?  I cant help being curious about the Nutty Putty news, when that one guy was sealed in there…if there are other entrances to the cave where that group would be able to look?

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That was an interesting little article. Here are my knee-jerk thoughts:

  1. Although rumors abound, there is no back opening or other way into the sealed Nutty Putty Cave.
  2. There are numerous other caves located within 20 miles of the Nutty Putty Cave, most of which are wide open, not gated, remote, and rarely explored.
  3. Abandoned mines are probably a much better hiding place than a cave due to the deep vertical shafts that you could more easily push a body off of for a huge fall into the darkness. Being abandoned, the body in the mine would remain unknown until somebody actually explored the depths of the mine. With tens of thousands of abandoned mines in Utah, it would be rare for the body to be found without more specific guidance and clues as to where to look. Keep in mind, according to reports, that the body probably would have been hidden with a 2 wd vehicle in 6 inches of snow. That greatly limits the mines needing to be searched since most have very remote and difficult access.
  4. The bonus to disposing a body in an abandoned mine is that there is a growing trend (written mandate) to seal off all of the old mines. This means that others would be paid to close the opening of the abandoned mine, without searching first, and permanently entombing the evidences of the body disposal.  
  5. As for disposing of a body in the Nutty Putty Cave, I could only imagine trying to pull a dead body into the Nutty Putty Cave opening and through its tight winding passages. That would be exhausting and impossible work for one individual. And since I presume murderers to be rather lazy, a mine shaft would be far easier than a location like the Nutty Putty Cave, since you could drive up, drag the body inside to the abandoned shaft, and then push it off into the darkness. SIDE NOTE: Due to the decomposing stench, you would also have to fully wrap the corpse in a way that there would be no rips or tears in the wrapping during the fall, or else the odor would be noticeable to other explorers, as well as dead body sniffing canines… That would be a tough task.
  6. Another key point to remember is that the Mojave Underground is working with several other groups and are not just looking for a needle in a haystack for free publicity. They have been searching for the body of Susan Powell in the easier accessed mines after investigations led them to specific regional areas. I was impressed by the Mojave Underground video found here... . This video was from July 1, 2010 and displays their ongoing efforts. The October 8, 2010 article that you sent to me is not their first search effort for Susan Powell, and it won’t be their last.
  7. Also keep in mind that the Mojave Underground is a group of Utah mine preservationist that are very upset at the sweeping trend to permanently close all of the old abandoned Utah mines. They have some of the best equipped professional explorers in Utah amongst their ranks. They are not just a bunch of college partiers heading out for fun late on a Friday night. The searches are being done in a safe and systematic fashion. With some luck, they might just stumble upon  Susan Powell‘s remains. It’s a long shot, and it also adds another level of excitement to their mine explorations. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn of them finding other dead bodies, as I am certain that somebody has given this method of body disposal a try.

Will the Mojave Underground ultimately be successful? It is a long shot, but they are volunteers donating their precious time to a worthy cause. For their efforts, they should be praised. And if they are successful, then Susan Powell’s family may find the peace they desire.

Thanks for sharing the link. Do you have any thoughts or insights to share?

Michael Leavitt
Timpanogos Grotto Webmaster
Orem, Utah

Response from Dex...


Hi Michael, One of the insights that plagues me, is that being a father of small daughters, my family would NEVER go “camping” spontaneously in the reported weather conditions, at the hours reported.  It all seems suspect that someone would be so brash.  I knew a girl named #*&^% #$%^%$# (name removed to protect identity) who met him last year at a holiday party before all the story broke.  I have always held a hunch she and him had an affair.  No way to know though.  Your insights are remarkable, and add understanding to my thoughts.  Its just one of those things that you always hate to hear on the news.  For what it’s worth, my hope is that the group conducting these efforts are successful. 

Best regards, Dex



October 8, 2010

KSLJUAB COUNTY -- A new search is underway for missing West Valley City mom Susan Powell. A group that calls itself "Mojave Underground Utah" is searching abandoned mine shafts near Eureka.

Thursday, volunteers lowered a camera 1,200 feet down to the bottom of an old silver mine in hopes of finding Powell's body.

Their search came up empty, but the group intends to continue its efforts in other abandoned mines in the state, which number near 20,000.

Their method is controversial, however, because they don't have approval from city and state authorities to conduct these searches.

Powell has been missing since last December.



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